ICA Applauds Implementation of Third Phase of the Law on Restriction on Advertising and Marketing of Tobacco and Smoking Products

07/01/2020 09:32:07

The Israel Cancer Association applauds the implementation of the Third Phase of the Law on Restriction on Advertising and Marketing of Tobacco and Smoking Products: “This is a historical moment! The fight against smoking is far from being over.”  

Starting Wednesday, January 8th 2020, the third phase of Israel’s updated Law on Restriction on Advertising and Marketing of Tobacco and Smoking Products will go into effect: Transitioning to uniform cigarette packs of the ‘ugliest color in the world’ (Pantone 448C, a combination of olive green and khaki), with no logo or trademark, uniform lettering, with enlarged warning messages printed on the packs. The law bans the display of smoking products for sale in shops (that is, the smoking products and cigarette packs will be kept hidden in the selling locations). In doing so, Israel is joining other countries, among them Australia, which was the first country in the world to remove the tobacco companies’ trademark and logo off of cigarette packs and enforcing their sale in uniform packs.

According to Miri Ziv, ICA Vice Chairman: “This is a historical moment in the fight against smoking. The advanced law achieved after much effort is an important measure that will reduce the marketing of smoking product and will protect primarily teenagers and young adults against addiction to this lethal habit. However, the battle is far from being over. This is just one measure out of a series of measures to me implemented against the smoking epidemic, which kills about 8,000 Israelis each year, of which 800 are passive smokers. As a key strategy for reducing smoking rates in the general population and among young adults and teenagers in particular, tax must be raised on all smoking products, including vaping products and e-cigarettes, and ban selling them in flavors. In addition, graphic warnings must be printed on the packs with deterring images, and raise the selling age of smoking products to 21. Such legislation has been proven to be effective worldwide, and it is time that Israel aligns with other developed countries. We, as citizens, must continue to fight on our basic right to health in public spaces, and demand that the Knesset to resume further legislation that will contribute to reducing the smoking epidemic in Israeli society and save lives, while working to implement extensive, significant enforcement of the existing laws.”

A survey conducted by the Israel Cancer Association in marking World No Tobacco Day showed that 84.4% of the public is in favor of graphic warnings with pictures on cigarette packs. Among the smokers partaking in the survey, 74.2% of them stated that graphic warnings with pictures will indeed deter them. The survey was conducted by the Ipsos Group and comprised of 506 women and men aged 18 and over in a national demographic representative sample.