The Israel Cancer Association spearheads the fight against cancer diseases in Israel.

There are some 200,000 cancer patients and survivors in Israel today. About 30,000 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer patients' quality of life has been enhanced through the promotion of research, prevention, early detection, improved treatment modalities, and protection of patients' rights. Thanks to the promotion of research and the emphasis on improved early detection and treatment, there has been a considerable increase in the cure rate and survival rate.

Hope for Life Project
Family Vacation Project
A Computer for Every Child
Give Kids the World
Young Adults - Embarking on Life
Youth & Hazards of Smoking
ICA's IMPACT Project
ICA's SHAHAK Project
Research Promotion
Israel Genetics Consortium
National Umbilical Cord Blood Bank
  1. National Umbilical Cord Blood Bank

Prevention & Early Detection
Public Information & Education
Information Brochures
Mobile Mammography Unit
Sunsmart Education Program
Support Groups
Steps to a Healthy Life
Reach to Recovery Program
Look Good... Feel Better
Sexuality Consultation
Speech and Swallowing Rehabilitation
Israel Ostomy Association
Sir Charles Clore Hostel
Home Hospice Service
Tax Consultation for Patients
Initial Financial Assistance
Early Detection Program
Parent Training for Parents with Cancer
  1. Parent Training for Parents with Cancer

National Neuro-Psycho-Oncology Consultation
  1. National Neuro-Psycho-Oncology Consultation